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That allows users to find the best cafés nearby and get free bonus coffee, and makes it easier for cafés to find and retain visitors. Created with love for coffee and the city which loves it just as we do.


As a result of the market research, a simple and convenient mobile application was developed, which allows the client to quickly find a cafe where this service is available and to take advantage of the discount.

What I did.

UX strategy
Digital art direction
UI/UX web-site and application

CoffeCoin is a product, developed for the local market. The app enables users and cafés to participate in an automated bonus system. In a nutshell, the system works on a request-approve basis, with each 11th coffee available for free. 

How to Use

Created a landing page to inform users about the work of the mobile app. And step by step describes the process that the user passes to get bonus coffee.


All useful things that a user in this application can use is described in detail.

Cafe page
Additionaly, the app stores all of the cafés' wi-fi passwords in one place and saves user's info about his visits.
With the help of a card, the user can quickly navigate the location of the cafe and see where it is most profitable to go to drink coffee.
CoffeeCoin is more than a bonus program - it's a database of clients, to which partner cafés get access.Therefore, the most challenging part was to define the right architecture and design the back-end properly. There were also many challenges along the iOS development due to the Apple policies.

Description of the coffee shop

Information about the cafe is provided in detail and each cafe is displayed in the form of cards. This solution is very convenient for choosing a cafe. Additionally, each card has a color that corresponds to the brand logo of each cafe.


In the history tab, the user can view all the purchases he has made in the coffee shops, how many bonuses he has.



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