iOS app which has interactive feature such as comment, and also similar to live stream betting system which allow user to place bet.

Main Screen

The user can choose among the auctions that occur online and those scheduled.

Watch Auction

User can tap into auction detail thumbnail, or full screen mode to enter this page.

User can make bid based on minimum bid set by auctioneer, or key in the amount he/she wants.

Auction Detail
In the details of the auction, the user can view detailed information about the product being sold.And if he is interested in a certain category of goods, then he can subscribe to the seller and issue a notice about the end of the auction.  
User will get prompt to add a payment method before making any bid, if there is no payment method added in profile page.
Auctioneer allow to control the maximum bid as well.
Manage Auction
Manage Auction shows today, upcoming, past and saved auction. Cards content and button are different among.

Organize Auction

• Organize auction page allows user to organize event.

• Currency always default to user’s preferred currency.

• User can preview event detail before publish.

Manage Order
Here shows a list of auctions hosted, total sales of each, shipping info and etc.

Side Menu

The convenient and intuitive menu will help the user to easily navigate the application.



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