First of all, you need to understand what is MOLODIST. It's a drive, innovation, a search for yourself and new experiences, rebellion, self-assertion, resistance, first love, mistakes, experiments, and crazy pace.
Why is this solution?
Changing the vector of one letter is like a parelle that distinguishes a young person from a mature one. It is a state of mind and soul that is the driving force for creation, formation and perfection. Move ahead and show your uniqueness.
When choosing the font for the logo, first of all, was the criterion of simplicity and correctness of geometric shapes. In order for the logo parts to exist separately, as identification symbols.  
Color palette
Locations in which the information about the festival will be presented are so diverse and unpredictable that several variants of the combination of color solutions have been developed. This makes it possible to be flexible and harmoniously fit into the appropriate space.
Monochrome is a versatile solution for any background.
There are various options for backgrounds depending on the style in which the festival will take place.
Power in trifles 
At the expense of small elements that are repeated on promotional materials, the viewer subconsciously memorizes and compares, later attracts attention and attracts attention to the brand. Our goal is to engage the look and attention, to tighten the viewer's hand. To open before him is another world of impressions, values, feelings, views. 
Improving, refining and promoting the brand through new visual solutions is a great opportunity and challenge for the designer to give his imagination a chance and make a contribution. To work in this direction is still very much, but the main thing is to make the first step. All people are different, everyone perceives the world around them through their prism. The main thing is not to stop and do something important and valuable to others.



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